Monday, March 1, 2010

UV mapping and texturing of cave guy

Today I cleaned up the topology and finished the UV mapping and texturing work of cave guy. I used Z-brush to do the UV and Z-brush and photoshop to create and edit it's texture. There are no seams visible. I might have over saturated the skin tone. There'll be a couple of test renders later.

name of mesh: Cave dude
number of polygons: 3559
texture size: 1024x1024
Time taken: 3 days- one to sculpt,one to retopologise, and one to uv and texture...

Another thing I did was softening the Normals of the whole mesh and then hardening them on some of the edge loops.

It might not be a very good idea to uv it before it's boned, skinned and tested, but I just had to do it today.This was something I wanted to learn from ages. Now that I know how it's done, I think I will enjoy texturing organic stuff in the future.
I have to say though, I am relying too much on my tablet. If I didn't have a wacom tablet, this would have been very hard to achieve in 3 days.

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