Sunday, February 28, 2010

3D character animation assignment- storyboard and topology

I just started planning out my short 3d animation for character animation assignment. The deadline is the end of April or something like that.

My idea is a bit too ambitious for such a short deadline, but I also came up with a plan B story for it, that doesn't involve me modelling and animating a mammoth.

(animatic done with toonboom storyboard trial)

The production pipeline path that I am going to take is going to be slightly different from every one else's in the class. Since I've been using z-brush for almost two years now, I decided that it will cut some of production time.

1 modelling:
sculpt in zbrush---->retopology in zbrush--->export to maya and do some tweaks on topology

Making an animatable topology mesh in Z-brush and exporting it to maya is incredibly easy, though it had some quirks. Some people might say that it will take more time to do it with Z-brush, because then I have to redo the topology after I sculpt the character. To those people I say- no. It's far simpler and empowering. I get the shape to look exactly as I want it and focus on topology afterwards. So I do better at both shape and topology and I have greater control over the end result. I sculpted my mesh and then redid the topology in z-brush (If I export a high poly mesh it will just crash maya) so I made an adaptive skin (copy of the hi poly mesh) with proper topology and 2 subdiv levels stored in it. I just needed to add some extra edgeloops in maya.

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  1. hi buddy.. I do like you animation... it is nice... I loved the end... I was not that sure what was going to happen to our little friend... lol... funny