Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flash animation Pipeline

It's second semester now and I have a special assignment as part of one of my modules- Create a 30 second animation in flash... Sounds simple, right? Well,no! 30 seconds is not enough to create something meaningful for me. I had a lot of trouble coming up with a story that will last only 30 seconds and will put a smile to someone's face.

So the biggest issue was really fitting it in 30 seconds.

I felt like I have an advantage over the other students (well, some of them) .. I already have worked with flash on a professional level. I have worked on an animation show, called scoyo and another one- bio. So I know how the pipeline works- the steps in the production of animation. Nobody at uni told us (yet?) how does the pipeline work with 2d animation. Nobody told us how to do it, the storyboard, how to organise the fla files and take full advantage of the software. My guess is that they will in the following weeks. But I already have it all in my head. So, in case some fellow students from my course read this, I hope it will help them.

This is my production pipeline for 2d animation. Something that I learned from work experience.

Flash animation Pipeline

By Todor Imreorov

1.0 Storyboard

2.0 Character sheets

Make character variation sketches ---> make a character sheet

3.0 Animation in Flash
3.1. Set flash file
3.2. Import storyboard *.mov file and set the global timeline

3.3 Set the scene and create the character libraries

example of symbols/sub symbols hyerarchy

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