Monday, February 1, 2010

flash animation project character designs + IK in cs4...

After completing my storyboard for the 30 second animation, the next logical step was to do the character designs- their size and colors. I still have the backgrounds to do, though I can leave them for the end.

name of project: Toast!
duration: 39 seconds (I might have cut it 9 secs, will try to beg my tutor to give me 9 extra seconds)

Character sheet:

Its not perfect perfect- I know, But i dont really need it to be at this point.

I will release the storyboard this week, at this blog .. I made both an animatic and a pdf storyboard

Meanwhile,I've been studying the new features of Flash CS4, since my experience is on cs3. The new version does introduce some really good features, namely inverse kinematics. After seeing how simple it is implemented and how powerful it can be, I decided to move to actionscript 3.0 fla files for the project (since 2.0 doesnt support ik). The new tweening system, the two types of armatures and their inverse kinematics are really going to save me a lot of headaches!

Watch about how to use IK in flash here:

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