Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toast! storyboard ver1

Today I got some valuable feedback for the storyboard from my animation tutor at uni, who also has a blog here . He liked my storyboard. I am really glad that there is someone like him to show it to, because he's a guy with experience and his feedback is valuable..

Here is what I got this far:
First of all, the rules of my assignment do not allow me to make the animation longer than 30 seconds. But I have too many shots put in that small time window.And the duration of some of the shots is too short. So 10 seconds must go. For that I must cut out some of the first shots. Some other scenes need a slight change in the camera and the composition (more space between and around characters).

after thinking about it, I decided to make a short version of my animation (for the module assignment) and later a longer one which will be as much as at least 2 minutes!

Before editing my storyboard , I would like to post it in the name of good documentation and progress evaluation. So here it is, no revisions- purely as it came out of my mind:

Toast! storyboard ver1 01.02.2010

I used software called Toonboom storyboard to do it. You can download a trial version, but you should export your work as a video/pdf before you close the app, because if it has over 30 panels, you are not going to be able to open it again.

It's a really awesome application for storyboards- simple and powerful. This storyboard took about 2 hours to make with it.

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