Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to my diary

Hi there. My name is Todor and I am studying Computer animation at Bradford university.
I have chosen this course for obvious reasons probably. It is simply the artistic process that fascinates me. I want to be a part of such a process,or be a driving force behind it. This certainly does not mean that my ultimate goal is to work at Pixar or something like that . I just want to work and love that work,because it is interesting. Be it a computer animation or a video game.

My professional background is a fairly short one. Before this university,I used to work at a small Studio back in my country. I got the job as a flash animator,because a friend's uncle knew that I'm good with software. So I went there and they gave me a short storyboard and the library for the production.They made me sign a contract. Two weeks later I knew how to use Flash cs3 and my first 3 minute scene was ready. The production supervisor at the studio first devastated me with his frame-by-frame review of what-was-wrong-with-it and then just praised it for being well played,timed and animated. In the following months I found out how great it is to work with a team of people and how well is that job paid. I found out how to create my own animation libraries, do much more for less time by reusing and remixing,rearranging keyframes. This involved almost no drawing, it was just moving the puppets,telling them what to do,lipsync and so on. At the end of the year the work dried up. My parents saw that I can earn by using my head and decided that I should study animation professionally. So here I am, trying to fit in. Maya is pretty new to me.

I always loved the idea of the digital puppet and the control that the animator has. It is my dream to move to 3d- 2d flash is restraining and not as powerful. Maya must be my new toybox now.

things that I've done professionally :

2008-2009- worked for Asikart studio as a flash animator. Mainly used Flash cs3 and Photoshop cs3.I wasn't supposed to draw anything- only animate.All the animations that I made were my own- I could never get the ones from the chara library to fit the storyboard.The character libraries that I had to work with were a complete mess.I had to spend a lot of time fixing and rearranging it,cutting limbs and moving symbols...It was made by some Chinese studio and even the layers were unreadable.. I got my paychecks at the end of each episode or branch of episodes- Scoyo and Bio- two german productions for kids learning interactive animations...I think that you can google scoyo.

2009- Before applying for university, I went to a classic animation course (dont let the name fool you- it was drawing on paper mostly) for a couple of months, which helped me better my drawing skills and have some fun with my old boss Robert Popov.

2009- I made series of illustrations for the cover of a book by Alistair Hayes- "The Salmon Road" . This experience helped me understand the shortcomings of CMYK colour mode and the importance of keeping colours in gamut range.
I got payed 100 euros for my work on the book cover. The book is not very popular, but it is still a published book.

2007,2009- freelance- worked as a website translator- translated tourism-related websites, while being careful not to mess up their html/php tags. I used to get a lot of paychecks through paypal. Some of the money that I earned from this job and other part-time works,I saved for the laptop and wacom tablet that I bought. I bought it myself- no mommy,no daddy heheh

2004-2007 - worked on the development of vector linux. You can see my nickname in the installer's credits- "blurymind" . I worked as a beta tester,packager and graphics design (custom icons,themes,application buttons..) This one was of course voluntary ...


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