Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Personal research during the internship - Characters

Having a job can take too much of your daily energy to be able to get on with short films. So as you might have noticed, there is a big gap in updates at this blog. Nothing posted here for a year!
Some of the time felt right for me to look at  my favourite childhood cartoons and games and try to evaluate what made them special at the time. Studied their art styles, analysed their stories .
Part of that was replicating the stylized characters in 3d- researching how to make that transition possible and what might get lost along the way .

 Kimba the white lion fanart model- made it hastily with metaballs in blender . Retopoed with Bsurfaces. This is a demonstration of the dublicated mesh approach to cartoon lines real time rendering. 

I thought a lot about types of character designs in eastern and western culture, trying to classify them in my head. It was sort of fun to reverse engineer characters, while thinking how their design tells the audience their story and sets them up to be the part of the fiction that they are in.

Making sketches helps me get the shape in my mind - inspires me to model my own characters.

There were some styles that I feel personal distaste with, so I avoided taking anything from them even though they are famous.
If you're in the mood of some more jibber-jabber on what I think of anime today, please visit my other blog, where I posted a huge rant on the subject.

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