Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cave dude - the set up

I finished the cave man's set up completely a couple of days ago, but forgot to rant about it. There is still more to desire in regards to the skinning, but meh..

Here are some of the controls that I have set up. I know its pretty basic but it's my first rigging/skinning work ever. Took less than a week...

And while being at it, I guess I will also show you my progress on the other character. Just to experiment,I decided to use a mel script to generate a rig for me this time. It's called the setup machine2...But of course what I got out of it was overcomplicated and had some joint orientation issues.,so I deleted half of the rig (legs) and redid them myself. That also took care of the skinning issue it gave me.

blend shapes are prepared for applying after i get the weights right...

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