Monday, March 29, 2010

backgrounds and props wip

I went through some of the things that must be done in order to get the technical things aside and be able to focus on the creative when I start animating.

There are numerous cosmetic fixes and changes here and there on both characters, their skinning and controls. There is no reason to post pictures of that now, because I will show it later on anyway.

The new things that I made are the spear weapon( with it's controls ), and some of the elements of the backgrounds. I am also compositing the shots right now and thinking about the background and it's colors.

The spear was really easy to make in maya, and I also Uv-ed it in maya and made the texture with photoshop. Here are the controls that I made for it:

And here are the background elements this far:

Ignore the ugly procedural textures- I am going to change them later. Almost everything is made out of nurbs curves, circles, bend deformers and so on. There is a lot of duplicating and variating going on too.. but I think this will do,after I put some nicer textures

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