Thursday, April 1, 2010

scene-composition and resolving bugs in Maya for linux

Today I finished up the background And composed it together with all the elements that I have modeled from scratch. Everything that was made out of nurbs surfaces was converted to polygons and cleaned up and combined where needed. With fingers crossed I imported everything to one scene file and began ordering the elements of the island:

Now, while I am not completely happy with this, (the shape of the island is still a bit square-like) , for the animation short- this should work alright. Since there is not much time to work on the way it looks like at this point, I am focusing on starting animation work tomorrow and getting that done in 2 weeks.

Here are some shots I made,just to have some fun with the thing:

I know lights suck, but I will leave that part for after I make the animation. Of course , if there is time, I will improve everything that I dont feel happy with (maybe some more work on the skinning and the backgrounds/textures)...

On a side note, I had some screen cursor locking problems on Maya 2010 for linux. The nasty bug would lock my screen and would force me to get out of X to a terminal to kill maya. Fortunately, google granted me the support I needed to resolve it with some copy and pasting. Here is a log file of the fixes I applied:

hope this helps other geeks out there

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