Sunday, January 28, 2018

Metasnap - a screenshot+note+palette app written in AHK

This was a little pet project that took a couple of weeks to implement in my free time. I wrote it in the autohotkey scripting language with the goal of pushing its gui capabilities.

I needed some sort a screenshot app that remembers the area I want to take a snap of and lets me leave notes in the metadata of the actual image files. While developing it I realized that I can encode other types of data inside the image files, such as color codes - so the tool mutated into a color palette editor and basic note taker on top of a screenshot app.

Before it was called "Metasnap" - I named it snapgrab. In any case, if you have cool ideas of data that can be encoded into screenshots,please let me know:)

You can download a copy from bellow:

- Take screenshots of the entire screen or a set area. The tool remembers the area between sccreenshots
- Pick colors and store them inside the screenshots you took. Picked colors are stored as both rgb and html color codes that can be easily copied to clipboard. Ideal for web developers and artists. The color palette is stored as metadata inside the screenshot file
- Leave notes about screenshots you took - inside the screenshot files metadata
- Tiny image selector with support for bookmarks

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  1. Hello dude. I have question to you about save system to clicteam fusion. Can u just give e-mail or sth, how can i contact with u?