Thursday, January 25, 2018

Godot 2.1 - 1$ gesture recognition plugin

Some time ago I encountered a little charming google doodle game that uses the player's scribbles for input:

You can play it here:

That mechanic inspired me so much that I decided to try and implement it in Godot. Luckily I didnt have to start from scratch. The basic 1$ algorithm was ported to gdscript, but its bare bones implementation was not ready for gamedev. It was only a function that can be crashed. I added some commits to it. Fixed some game crashing bugs in common corner cases and added a bunch of cool features.

After porting it into a plugin, I added the ability to teach it new gestures and record them in a json file.
Added some extra optional features:
 The developer can set limited ink - to limit the size of shapes that can be drawn Upon recognizing a shape, it also emits a signal of what shape it is and how much ink was left when it was completed If the ink left is > 0, it will create a collision shape from the drawing, that can be used to interact with other parts of the game You can limit how many collision shapes can be drawn optionally.
Optional particle effect and ability to set line thickness and color Ability to set the allowed drawing area and change the mouse cursor to a pencil then it is over it

Here is a demo video:

It can recognize the following shapes out of the box (in the json file):
  • carret
  • v
  • pigtail
  • lineH
  • lineV
  • heart
  • circle
If you like the plugin, feel free to get a copy from (maybe even leave a tip in the jar ;) ):

Github page here:

If there is enough interest in it, I will port it over to Godot 3..
Might make a little game with it when I get the time :)

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