Friday, February 20, 2015

Neon Night and Dark Clockwork Skins for Multimedia Fusion

About a month ago I created a couple of dark skins for Multimedia Fusion. I really like using this engine, but the default light interface has been a bit of a torn in my eyes- especially during night time. So in order to reduce the amount of light that the screen emits, I made a bunch of themes which are now available at the ClickStore for about a dollar each:

The dark interface is designed to cause less strain to the eye- by emiting less pixel light. it is also less distracting, as dark space is perceived by the brain as empty negative space. This helps key features and buttons really take focus on the screen , while leaving your peripheral sight clear of distractions!
Glossy and stylish, this theme will help you improve your focus and reduce eye strain! Buy it here

The goal of the design is to depict Fusion's efficient functionality in a sleek and elegant way!
The skin encompasses some elements from steampunk, as it uses cogs, lightbulbs and electric symbols.
For the non steampunk fans- don't worry, it's very subtle. 

Like clockwork, fusion just works. :)  Buy it here

To create the skins, I used Gimp and Inkscape. If you are a multimedia fusion user, go and give them a try. :)
Feedback is welcome of course


  1. Hey I bought one of your themes and I think it's great but I was just wondering how do you get the sidebar and window to be black as well? Like in the screenshots?

  2. Hi, you need to change your windows system theme in order to do that. Unfortunately fusion is partially using it