Saturday, March 12, 2016

Some of the projects I worked on at Disney Interactive

Back in 2011 I had the wonderful opportunity to work at Disney Interactive Studios as a Production Intern for an entire year. During that time I was involved in the production process of a number of Disney and Marvel IP games developed by the Disney company in conjunction with other game studios.

Recently I learned that "Vanguard Creative" has released a few screenshots/information of some of those projects:

Disney Universe: 

More about the project here:
▷ Art Direction, Concept, Creative Design, FMV Scripting, Logo Design, Marketing & PR assets


Invincible Iron Man

Become Iron Man in a superhero action game with super destructive combat, freestyle flight, a reinvented morphing armour and a supercharged story with life or death choices.

More about the project here:

▷ Art Direction, Creative Design

Secret Wars

Marvel's biggest heroes and baddest villains battle each other in a vicious Secret War, stoked by The Beyonder.

More about the project here:

▷ Art Direction


A virtual construction kit with physics simulation enabling you to construct machines, complete challenges and share your creations online.

More about the project here:

▷ Art Direction, Avatar Development, Narrative, Web Portal Design

Keep an eye on Vanguard Creative. They have some very cool new projects cooking right now! :)

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