Wednesday, March 16, 2016

multimedia fusion - code - load CSV file system

I made a system for Fusion to parse CSV files. This was a while ago, just forgot to post about it here as well.

This type of file is pretty much an excel spreadsheet. It is very useful for visually editing a 2d array, where you can store all of your game's dialogue, inventory, stats, etc. With this system the game can load this file when it starts and use the values from it. A big advantage of that is that people editing the file dont have to know how to use the engine or have the source code of the game. That way you can have a community of users easily be able to translate your game or mod it's stats externally. Here is from the click store:

Load CSV system - for loading and using CSV files in multimedia fusion games.

CSV files are simple spreadsheet files that can be edited in libre office or google docs (both free). They are great for rpg/story based games because of their convenience as a data base storage.
-Multiplatform - works with all exporters.
-Easy to use in other projects - takes seconds to set up.
-To get a cell's contents, you call it via the Column and Row names - you have given to your table. Plain english language words (Column=monster, Row=health --> monster health = 50). This opens the opportunity for some cool scripting that would be difficult to achieve with an array.

-CSV files can be easily opened and edited externally. That means that you dont need to rebuild your game to tweak values that it is using in a CSV files. You can set up a simple spreadsheet in google docs where all of your game's dialogue is and allow for others to collaborate/localize it without having to share the entire game project or ask them to install the engine.You can buy it from here:

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