Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Changes to the Blog-site !

Some of you might have already noticed, but I am changing the way this website is organizing it's information and presenting it to newcomers.

The biggest change is in the focus of the website. So far that focus has always been the Blog/diary.
It was the first thing you see when you enter the url. It was the so called home page.

 I have kept the information there organized to some degree by using tags. However throughout the years that diary has accumulated a lot of information to scroll through and these tags are not easily discovered to be widely used. And I have some blog posts related to projects that I want to be able to give more focus on to newcomers. Present them better, in a more direct way.

So for that reason the home page of the website has been moved to a HUB that lists projects from the past with prompt synopsis and useful links.

The actual blog has been moved to the "DIARY" section of our navigation.

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