Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stoneage- Putting it together with sound

I needed only two days to put the image sequence into video and add sound.

The video compile was done with after effects. I took 9 frames out of it, and added an ending screen. The animation is 1:20 , which is not much, considering I wanted to add stuff but some people advised me not to, because I might spoil the jokes.I also added some fading out and changed the timing of some of the shots.

I made two versions of the video- encoded and non encoded (highest quality).

On to Sound. The sound was done with the excellence of soundbooth, which is a very simple and powerful application. I made multiple revisions of the effects in it. Some of the sounds were fine tuned to be slower or with a lower pitch.There was some static noise that had to be removed, I did some fade in/outs on the sounds too..For music, I used some african war drums and nature ambient. I was very careful when picking the music and sounds, not to use anything that is copy righted material.

aaand here's the finally completed animation- STONEAGE

don't forget that this is my FIRST ever 3D animation. I have never done this before.

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