Thursday, April 15, 2010

creating some snap switches and extra controls

The animation is almost complete now, I would like to take the time to note some of the new controls that I have created while keying things.

Maya has a whole bunch of nice constrains that can be switched on and off. This opens a wide range of neat time savers for the animators.

In my case, I created some snapping controls, so I wouldn't have to keyframe things, while they are moved or snapped by other things. In one shot, just to experiment with that, I made my cave guy hit himself on the nose, after a pesky fli decides to take a nap there. The nose acted as an on and off magnet for both the fli and the dude's right hand:

Other such switches are present on cave man's spear and the grass that the mammoth eats. I am showing this ,because the shot with the fli might be taken out of the final animation. It still was a nice fun experiment for me.

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