Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adding sound to Toast! animation

The name of Toast! was changed to "Malfunction". Decided that I don't want to give away the ending too much with the title.

Adding sound to the animation

The sound in Toast! is really low on quality standards. After seeing it for the first time with sound, I thought that it was horrible.

Some of the sound effects were recorded by myself. For the robot , I used the creaking door of the kitchen at the halls. The title screen sound was made by a real empty tin can (from mexican beans) and a pencil.

The bucket sounds, electricity and so on were taken from the internet, after carefully examining their license.

The Music in the end is made by me, with my Nintendo ds. I used "Jam sessions" imitation of guitar. You might notice that the rhythm is the same as the title sceen sound.

The voices were recorded and edited with Audacity. My brother did his goofy/mickey mouse rip-off voice, as my voice is too deep to imitate a boy's.

All and all, I hate the sound in "Malfunction". It's messy and badly edited.You can even hear some static sounds in the background. Flash has a real nice way of setting the volume ease out and ease in and I played with that too alot.

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