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 On this Page, you will find a list of some of the projects that have been completed. If I worked on any of them in a team of other people, I will always write down what I did specifically.


Animation Reel (go to link to download video for better playback)

3d generalist Reel
Studio :

Disney Interactive Studios(2011-2012) -- Diary entries
Work basis: Production internship contract - paid placement
Credit: Production intern (assistant to the Art Director, the Design Director, the producers and maybe even a trusty helper of some of the lovely close by departments ;) )
Jobs: Paintovers, Concept art, art direction feedback and design feedback, video capturing and editing, compositing, lots of Powerpoints and graphics for presentations, being part of new IP brainstorms and pitching, screenshots for gaming magazines, and having great fun while it lasted.
Software used: Final Cut Pro, After effects, Photoshop, Microsoft Powerpoint
Projects: Disney Universe, Unannounced games using Disney ip, Marvel ip and possibly even some other ip.

Tri-Soft (2015-2016)-- Diary entries
Work basis: Freelance contracts on 2 projects so far
Credit: 3d Graphics and animation
Jobs: Creation of 3d assets - full pipeline - animated and static.
Software used: Blender, Photoshop, Inkscape, Unity3d, Unreal
Projects: Virtual platform for safety crossing, Learn Tags

Mediaframe (2015) -- Unannouced
Work basis: Production contract
Credit: Traditional animation - Cleanup, inbetweens and color
Jobs: CleanUp, Inbetweens and breakdowns, lip sync, color
Software used: TvPaint
Projects: Unannounced TV cartoon show.

Cogwork Studios (2011) -- Diary entries
Work basis: Contract for graphics artist
Credit:  2d graphics and animation.
Software used: Toonboom studio, Inkscape and later replaced it with illustrator, some photoshop
Projects: A few mobile games projects. Some graphics and mockups for another few game/app pitches.

Scoyo (2008/9) - 2d Animation/interactive
work basis: contract at Assikart Studio
Credit: Flash animation
Software used: Adobe Flash

Unannounced Cogworks and Disney Interactive projects are under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It is one of the misfortunes of games industry I'm afraid :(

Personal :

Sprite Render Kit (2015)-  (for blender) script/tool -- Diary entries/get a copy
Credit: Everything. 
Time taken to complete: a week
View Online: demo video
Software used: Blender

Kimba the white lion (2012)- 3d model -- Diary entries
Credit: Everything. The character design is by Osamu Tezuka san
Time taken to complete: 5-6 hours
View Online: GIF , Sketchfab (interactive)
Software used: Blender, Inkscape

Ignite the Knight (2015) - 2d / Interactive -- Diary entries
Work basis: 48 hour game jam contest (5 people)
Credit: All ingame environment and player graphics.
Play online, Download from gamejam website, demo video
Software used: Krita, Blender, Inkscape

Color Explorer (2014) - 2d / Interactive -- Diary entries
Work basis: 48 hour game jam contest (WON) in a team of 5 people
Time taken: about 25-30 hours
Credit: All the graphics in the game, part of the game idea, producer of the team
Play OnlineDownload from gamejam websiteInterview
Software used: Toonboom studio, Artrage Studio, Gimp, Shoebox (sprite sheet packer)

NPR cell/watercolor/print shader (for blender) -- Diary entries
Work basis: on and off hobby project. 
Time taken to complete: Hard to tell. About a week in total.
Download: Latest Version- 3, video demo
Credit: All work done by me, some of it based on theory from the b3d NPR community and feedback from people using it. 

 University :

Froggy(2013) - 2d+3d animation/ Interactive
 -- Diary entries
Work basis: not full time - University assignment
Time taken to complete: about 4 months
Credit: Art direction, Concept Art, All the 2d and 3d characters, Most of the tiling environment textures, and the final polish on the level layout :)
Watch demo on Youtube, download (WindowsOnlineAPK for android)
Software used: Blender, Maya, Inkscape, Unity, Photoshop

Animation retargeting and rig reusal (2012) - research video -- Diary entries
Work basis: not full time - University assignment
Time taken to complete: About a week
Credit: A little bit of effort and Research papers from the web and dvds from the library
Watch on youtube
Duration: 6:35
Software used: Autodesk maya (+ humanIK, Advanced skeleton and some of maya's built in tools), Kdenlive for video editing

Scissor man(2011)- 3d Motion capture -- Diary entries
Work basis: not full time - University assignment
Credit: Everything
Watch demo on Youtube
Software used: Blade (to clean up data), Motion Builder (to retarget), Blender (for the character models) ,Maya (for the rest)

Bradford building of the future (2011) -VFX shot -- Diary entries
time taken to complete: 11 days
Work basis: not full time - University assignment
Credit: Everything
Watch a breakdown at Vimeo
Duration: 11 seconds
Software used: Blender(models), Mocha (2d tracking), Matchmover (3d tracking), Autodesk Maya (animation and rendering), After Effects (compositing and particles)

Kinected (2010)- live action short-- Diary entries
Work basis: not full time - University assignment
Time taken to complete: A couple of days
Credit: Director and Video editing
Watch on youtube
Duration: 2:29
Software used: Final Cut Pro

Malfunction (2010) - 2d Animation -- Diary entries
work basis: not full time - University assignment
Time taken to complete: about 2-3 weeks
Credit: Everything
Duration: 1m24s
Software used: Toonboom storyboard, Adobe Flash CS4
mentions/festivals: Linoleum 2010Flip,

Stoneage(2010) - 3d Animation  -- Diary entries
Time taken to complete: about 2 months (was my first 3d animation - so dont expect anything amazing )
Work basis: not full time - University assignment
Time taken to complete: 50 days
Credit: Everything
Duration: 1m20s
Software used: Autodesk Maya 2010, Zbrush 3.5, Adobe After effects CS4, Adobe Soundbooth,
mentions/festivals: Linoleum 2010FlipCg Coach cg student awards 2010- finalist in Rigging category!

Freelance :

BBC Big Screen project (2013) - 2d/ interactive 
-- Diary entries
Work basis: Contract with Bradford working academy, the Media Museum and the BBC
Credit: some of the 2d animations and sprites
Software used: Adobe flash
Link: N/A

Maternity App - 3d / interactive (2013) -- Diary entries
Work basis: Contract with Bradford working academy
Credit: 3d modeling based on concept art by Dominique Lane, rigging and export, Concept shading material.
Software used: Blender for modelling, Autodesk Maya for rigging
Link: N/A
Note: For each of these, I have the source files which prove that the work has been done by myself. I am not going to share these source files online, so if you want to see them opened and talk with me, you will again have to invite me to an interview in person.

time taken to complete:
work basis:
watch on youtube
Duration: *m**s
Software used: